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Friday, August 27, 2010

Aggression Reign over Europe (2008/ENG/RePack)

Aggression Reign over Europe (2008/ENG/RePack)

Aggression: Reign Over Europe looks like a mix between Sudden Strike and the Total War series. Unfortunately previews of this game are not so positive, but download and see for yourself! Be sure to check out the trailer also, because it looks pretty cool. If you download this, be sure to check the NFO carefully, because there are a lot of steps needed to get this game running.

There was a time in the history of humankind when every woman and man became slayers and victims at the same time. From 1914 to 1945, Europe was immersed in the most savage, cruel and deadly wars people suffered. Aggression: Europe 1914, lets you rewrite those years in a realtime strategy game experience.


* Play an extensive campaign that spans both the First and the Second World War as you choose to either replay or rewrite history.
* Fight your battles on the real time tactical maps and control your ever expanding empire on the strategic map where you control diplomacy, science and industry.
* Choose your own play style. Play as a diplomat and create profitable trade agreements with your allies, push science to gain a technological edge over your opponents or play as a war mongering GeNeRaL and use your military forces to take control over Europe.
* Choose from over 200 historical characters to use in your campaign to take control over Europe.
* Explosive real time tactical battles with completely destroyable surroundings and realistic physics engine.

System requirements:

* Windows 2000/XP
* Pentium 4 1.7 GHz
* Memory 768 MB
* 128 MB DirectX-compatible video card
* Free space 3 GB
* 8x DVD-ROM

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