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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Cyberbike Cycling Sports (Wii)

Cyberbike Cycling Sports (Wii)

Cyberbike Cycling Sports (Wii)

The game allows you to manage not only the bike but very futuristic devices are not similar, even in the real world. For example, a submarine to foot tração.O game has three modes: fitness, history and multiplayer up to four people. Though multiplayer on a stationary bike in person I imagine with difficulty. Most likely will run only one. During the cycling, addition to exercise, you are hoisted on the obligation of utilities to … garbage collection. It seems that this scenario will like Europeans sympathetic.

Note: To enjoy this game you’ll probably need a

Wii special bicycle, or drive along com.

Data : 2010/08/05
Platform: Wii
Publisher: INT BIGBEN
Format: ISO.
Source: DVD5
Region: PAL
Languages: UK / FR / DE / IT / ES / NL / PT

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