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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Strength & Honour 2 2009 ENG


Strength & Honour 2 2009 ENG
Year: 2009
Genre: Strategy (Real-time / Turn-based) / 3D
Platform: PC
Publication Type: License
Crack: Present
Language: English
Size: 1.90 GB
Great ancient empires - Rome and Carthage, China in the Qin Dynasty, Ellada period of active colonialist expansion ...
Manage these giants was a force of only a very remarkable person. "Honor and Valor 2" - a great opportunity to try himself
as a builder of the mighty state. Use any means to achieve absolute power: not always for the welfare of his country can
only be achieved by force of arms. Not forgetting, of course, while keeping a dozen or two legions "on the siding.

Game features:
Hundreds of heroes - military leaders, merchants, <!--filter:ass-->ass<!--/filter--><!--filter:ass-->ass<!--/filter-->ins, rulers, philosophers
Epic battles involving hundreds of soldiers
The set of functional structures necessary for the war, diplomacy and trade
The unlimited number of possible strategic and tactical decisions

Minimum system requirements:
Windows XP SP2 or above
2.0 GHz processor or higher
1 GB or more of RAM
Minimum 64 MB, 100% OpenGL 1.3 compatible video card
Some ATI Radeon cards may not work with the game. Please download and try the video card compatibility test program to test

your video card's compatibility before you purchase the game.
6.0 Gigabyte of uncompressed hard disk space
Mouse, keyboard



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