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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Alter Ego RIP-TPTB

Alter Ego RIP-TPTB
Alter Ego RIP-TPTB
PC | Windows | EN | Future Games | 1.05 Gb
Genre: Action, Adventure
When a series of gruesome murders shake a small town after a strange aristocrat dies and his body goes missing, rumors of a supernatural monster abound. In life Sir William was known to be a cruel and evil man, rumored to be the murderer behind many unsolved crimes. Now in death, this latest spurt of crime has the entire village shaking in fear with some even fleeing. The local police are beside themselves and have made no headway in solving the crimes. Detective Briscol, a man of logic and principles and Timothy Moor, a poor immigrant turned petty thief become unlikely partners to solve these terrible crimes. Alternating between these roles, players will investigate these strange events and gradually reveal a dark secret.

- Original dark point & click adventure
- Developed by some of the makers of Black Mirror
- Exciting detective story with a horror plot
- Top notch cinematic cutscenes
- 2 playable characters
- 30 NPC characters
- 80 game locations
- 150 pickable items

Minimum System Requirements:
- OS: Windows 7/Vista/XP SP 2
- Processor: 2.5 GHz Single Core
- Memory: 1 GB RAM
- Graphics: 128 MB 3D Video Card (Geforce 6600/Radeon 9600 or better)
- DirectX®: 9.0c or higher
- Hard Drive: 3 GB free hard drive space
- Sound: DirectX sound card

1.Extract with 7zip or equivalent.
2.Run " Loader.bat" and play game from desktop!.

Alter Ego RIP-TPTB
Alter Ego RIP-TPTB

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