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Monday, September 6, 2010

Take No Prisoners (PC/Eng)

Take No Prisoners (PC/Eng)

Genre: Sci-Fi Shooter
Developer: Raven Software
Language: English
Platform : PC
Size: 59 Mb

They pulled all the stops on the last war: nukes, chemical warheads, everything. And now, San Antonio, Texas, lies in ruins with several factions warring one against each other. But someone has found a way to step out of this inferno: the Dome, unreachable, protected, and capable of giving eternal life to whoever is inside it. Each faction has a piece of the puzzle to solve in order to crack the dome and be immortal: ex-commando Slade is hired to recover them all. You play Slade, and have to play through 20 top-down true 3D levels in a non-linear San Antonio, waging war against each faction with 10 weapons, and several types of mines, grenades, and other aids. You're also given the ability to drive levels to help solve the game's puzzles.




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