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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Club Scenario 1.2 iPhone and iPod Touch

Club  Scenario 1.2 iPhone and iPod Touch

Club Scenario 1.2 iPhone and iPod Touch

Simulate Texas Hold 'em poker tournaments with a simple "limit" betting interface. Tournaments follow a "shootout" structure. Win one of nine tables in Round 1 to advance to the Final Table — where you could win it all!

This universal app is a native iOS version of our popular Scenario Poker™ Dashboard widget for Mac OS X — a former Macworld Widget of the Month. Buy it once and you can play it on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.

On iOS 4.1 or later, Club Scenario uses Apple's Game Center service to track your performance against other players. Club Scenario is a simulation. It does not enable actual gambling or online play.

Club Scenario allows you to simulate playing against people from your device's Contacts. To enable this custom feature, you must have at least 18 Contacts on your device with photos assigned to them. If you put them in a Contacts group named "Poker Players," they will be favored over the rest of your Address Book.

This is an introductory price. We're actively fixing any reported bugs and adding cool new features to Club Scenario. So stay tuned... and enjoy!
What's new in Version 1.2
• Added a new "Points" category and made it the default category in Game Center's Leaderboard. You earn one point every time a player is knocked out. The maximum is 81 points per tournament (one for each simulated player).
• Fixed a bug that was preventing three of the score categories from being reported to Game Center.
• Fixed a bug in the AI that was making the simulated players reluctant to bet on the turn or the river.


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